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    I would like to thank to author team for fantastic product. My daughter just pulled the book out of the shelf yet again, despite being summer. This is the most frequently used toy in our house since Christmas.
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    Just received this gift and decided not to wait until Christmas. The book is simply too good to wait, my son will be excited to build the scenes.
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    Just bought this as a Christmas gift for my daughter, but I am afraid I will not wait until then. This interactive book looks perfect, it is worth to share before Christmas as it is so much fun to build the scenes.
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    I am very pleased that my small Jane does not want to let this book go. It is very cute and super catchy for my daughter. I fully recommend the book to everyone. It is very cute and christmas mood making... ;-)
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    My son got attached to this book immediately. Sitting and focusing on building the scenes according to his own fantasy. I almost did not believe he is able to stay calm for half an hour. The magnets are high quality, sticking well and really nice design work. This book was great catch.
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    This magnetic book is Christmas must-have, our little Sara just loves playing with it. Her favorite scene is the Christmas tree decoration, great idea with the little magnets to decorate the tree, gingerbread man and heart are our favorites. I highly recommend buying this book - toy, it's almost a year my daughter has it and she comes back to this book every day, even in summer :-)
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    Perfect Christmas gift for my little nephew. He was playing with magnets over and over again, creating the lovely scenes based on the cards included. And the Christmas wishlist was great surprise, he loved coloring it.
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    Wow, I am very pleased seeing my kids so much into this. Very wel finished and designed.
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    Lovely xmas gift. Cute design. Makes me very excited about Christmas already. I love to play and imagine with my little Laura.