CHRISTMAS MB’S AUTHORS: "How was the work of creating a magnetic book different from creating illustrations for children's books? Was it different in any way at all?"
EDIT HAJDU: "It was different mainly from the technical point of view. We had limits set by the magnets themselves. They had to have clean edges, less details, it was necessary to make the pieces fit together. We had to create characters that the kids could fit in different combinations, so that was fun. Despite the need to keep the shapes simple, I tried to come up with some nice and fun details."
CHRISTMAS MB’S AUTHORS: "On which scene did you work the hardest? Why?"
EDIT HAJDU: "Technically, the most complex was the Christmas market scene. In scene were involved a lot of traditions, Santa, the Bethlem scene, the stalls themselves. For few times we weren’t able to put in everything that we needed and cared about, what mattered. For example, we tried to make the decorations sold in the markets appeal to the widest possible audience, including blown glass ornaments, traditional gingerbread houses, nutcrackers, the Scandinavian horse Dala, or gingerbread man, and I added to them our typical pine and mushroom decorations. Exactly how I remember them from my childhood"
CHRISTMAS MB’S AUTHORS: "Which magnets from the book are your favourite?"
EDIT HAJDU: "I have a lot of favourites, it's very difficult for me to choose :). For example, some of children’s characters, or a fox and an owl. And a couple of old ones, which we also struggled a bit to find the right ones, but I think we did it:)."
CHRISTMAS MB’S AUTHORS: "Did you manage to incorporate any scenes or details that make you nostalgic?"
EDIT HAJDU: "There are more of them. Whether it's Christmas decorations or a hat in a shape of a cat. Our first son Adamko was born in November and one of the first things we bought him was a jumpsuit with a hood with ears. Or some of the kids who are wearing winter clothes, like I had and also my cousins. And probably all of them in the same time :). We had hoods on our heads and these huge leather mittens;”
CHRISTMAS MB’S AUTHORS: "We intervened a lot in your work and commented on every detail. We are very grateful for our mutual creative cooperation :). But is there anything you wanted to have in the book, to be your own touch and we changed it? magnet, some detail, colour scheme."
EDIT HAJDU: "I think all the changes that have been made were developing and improving the book :). Since everything was well thought ahead and I knew your ideas in detail, it was easy and it was a pleasure for me. You knew exactly what you wanted, and it was up to me to figure out how it would look like, and hopefully at the end to see all the energy and enthusiasm we all put in it."